KAZE RACE - KANON Disc EVO(Evolution version) Collection 2

KAZE RACE - KANON Disc EVO(Evolution version) Collection 2

2,460 USD

KAZE RACE | KANON Disc-EVO (Evolution version) Shimano Ultregra

Shimano Ultregra Disc R8000

KAZE RACE | KANON Disc is a road bike that aims to design with high speed. The frame is made of TORAYCA carbon fiber from TORAY INDUSTRIES INC. In Japan. Is a road bike, semi-aerodynamic, dynamic Providing high speed, strong frame, light weight, suitable for all round aerodynamic road racing bike and also receiving the UCI mark from International Bicycle Federation. Can be used to compete on any field that UCI can certify Complete with the KAZE Custom Factory. 

- KAMM Virtual Foil
- Carbon Monocoque
- Disc Break
- Full Integrated Cockpit
- Cable Internal Route
- Semi Aero Profile
- Assymetric Design
- Torayca 800 /1000 Carbon

Parts and AccesoriesDetails
FRAMSET : Kanon Disc, full carbon, T1000/T800
FORK : Kaze Race Kanon (Full carbon)
REAR DERAILLEUR : Shimano Ultregra R8000
FRONT DERAILLEUR: Shimano Ultregra R8000
SHIFTER : Shimano Ultregra Disc R8000
BRAKE : Shimano Ultregra R8000, hydraulic
CASSETT : Shimano 105 R7000
WHEELSET: Alu Surface - Germany , medium profile 35 mm.
TIRE : Vitoria - Rubino Pro
CRANKSET : Shimano Ultregra R8000
HANDLE BAR : KAZE light All.
STEM : KAZE light Alu